Two Annihilators (center) fired at Red Dwarf (right) from the Simulant Death Ship (left)

The Simulant Annihilators were small and agile fighter attack spacecraft deployed from their mobile command base, the Simulant Death Ship, and under the command of the Simulant Generals.

Armed with very powerful Photon Mutilators, the Annihilators flew in groups, often looping and spinning and in strict formations when attacking enemy vessels from multiple vectors.



Annihilators bombard Red Dwarf with Photon Mutilators

Simulant General commander Dominator Zlurth sent four of these ships to bombard Red Dwarf after the thief Hogey the Roguey stole a prized cloth map from them, and then unwittingly led the Simulant Death Ship strait to Red Dwarf. The bombardment opened a hole in the hull of the sleeping quarters, but luckily for the Dwarfers, Hogey plugged the hole up.

The gang then quickly fled the bombardment of Red Dwarf in a Blue Midget and hid in a nearby asteroid belt. Dominator Zlurth ordered the Annihilators to begin blowing up the asteroids one-by-one, forcing Blue Midget back out into the open.

Rimmer was able to come up with a plan after some receiving some startling revelations about his true parentage from his holo-lamp. Blue Midget left the asteroid belt to face the Death Ship and it's attack craft, which took position around Blue Midget and fired their missiles at the same time. However, Lister used Hogey's Molecular Destabilizer to make Blue Midget transparent, and the missiles passed harmlessly through Blue Midget, instead crashing into the Simulant ships on either side, destroying them instead with their own missiles. (The Beginning, Series X)


  • It is unclear whether Annihilators were piloted by Simulants, or were unmanned drones controlled remotely from their mothership. The latter may be the case, since the interior of the Annihilators was not seen, and no cockpit or windows could be seen on the Annihilators.

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