Angela Bruce is an actor who has often been referred to as a pioneer in the casting of black women on British TV. She played Deb Lister in "Parallel Universe".

Biography Edit

Put up for adoption at the age of three, Angela was adopted by the Bruce family from Stanley, after a short stay in a Banardo’s home

Teenage YearsEdit

At 15, she started a three year nursing course at Durham Technical College.

Acting LifeEdit

Angela's first screen role was in the 1973 film Man at the Top, before being cast in a newly commissioned TV hospital drama called Angels.

In 1978, she joined the cast of Coronation Street as waitress Janice Stubbs. and was one of the first black characters in the soap.

1980 saw Angela die on screen for a Hammer House of Horror thriller, Charlie Boy. She then went on to star in Doctor Who as Brigadier Winifred Bambera.

External linksEdit

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