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Commander Arnold "Ace" Judas Rimmer
Race Human, Hologram
Place of Origin Io
Appearances RD: Dimension Jump
RD: Emohawk
RD: Stoke Me a Clipper
RD: Blue
Alter Egos Arnold Rimmer
Family Same as Arnold Rimmer's
Actor Chris Barrie
"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
-Ace Rimmer (RD: Dimension Jump)

Arnold "Ace" Rimmer was a heroic and dashing test pilot in the Space Corps stationed on Mimas, and was an alternate dimension counterpart of the weasly Arnold J. Rimmer aboard Red Dwarf.

Biography Edit


His life was the same as the prime version of Rimmer until one year in his school, Io House, where after becoming the worst student in class he was held back a year in school. Since his mother failed to ensure him a way out of his own failures, Ace learnt to toughen up and takes responsibility for his own life, mainly because he was a clear foot taller than anyone else in the class. He became popular amongst his peers who gave him his nickname and his parents began to show him love.

Inbetween YearsEdit

Ace, a test pilot in the Space Corps based on Mimas, Ace was given the ship Wildfire and with it the opportunity to test a ship capable of jumping between dimensions.

The first dimension he arrived in, he found the most hideous version of himself that he would ever find - being the piece of human wreckage: Arnold Rimmer. After causing their Starbug to crash, as it was on the way to an ocean planet, he helped Dave Lister (whom he nicknamed 'Skipper') fix the engines and return to their Red Dwarf - despite having a broken arm. While Rimmer was blatent in his dislike of Ace, the test pilot was civil with him and only voiced his dislike when with Lister. He discovered reason that his life differed from this dimension's Rimmer's was simply because he was held back a year at school, which he found ironic because Rimmer continually said that Ace got all the breaks in life when in fact it was 'not' getting a break to begin with that made him as successful as he is, though he does mention that maybe not getting that break to start with was him getting one after all. he decided that he couldn't stay - so left for other dimensions. (RD: Dimension Jump)

In Dimension 165, the original Ace's life was cut short - catching "the business end of a Neutron Tank". He passed the mantle onto another Rimmer, passing on the words "The Universe needs an Ace." Subsequent Ace's passed the mantle onto other Rimmers until it reached the one before our Rimmer, in a deleted scene from "Stoke me a Clipper", this version of Ace Rimmer originated from a universe that diverged from the episode "Out of Time" where he stole the timedrive and left the others for dead and ended up in Napoleonic times when conscription was introduced (it is most likely he ended up in the British Isles as he doesn't appear to be able to speak any language other than English), so to avoid the fighting, he wore a dress and a wig and worked in a flower shop, the Ace before him was dying and he eventually took over from him, giving him his floppy wig and the keys to his ship .

After being captured by the Nazi Captain Voorhese, under unspecified circumstances (RD: Stoke Me a Clipper), Ace escaped his bonds by simply dislocating both shoulders and popping them behind his ears. He confronted his captors in the cockpit of an aircraft and killed the pilot. He was then attacked by an alligator being thrown at him. Whilst fighting it off, he managed to roll out of the plane before a bomb went off, air-sailing it towards the Commander whom threw the alligator at him. Upon stealing the Commander's parachute, he landed on a space bike, hidden in a shed, and rescued Princess Bonjela from a firing squad - before rocketing the bike into the air and escaping.


Dimension 165

The billions of Ace Rimmer light-bee coffin which make up the rings of a planet


A close-up of the planet's rings. (Stoke Me A Clipper

Ace returned to the Starbug crew and revealed to Arnold Rimmer that he, himself, was a hard-light hologram, and that he was dying. Although he was "hard-light", his Light Bee had been hit on the Nazi world.

Before dying, he managed to convince the Rimmer aboard Starbug to take on the mantle, shortly before passing away. The real Rimmer became Ace, letting Kryten and Cat think that "Arnold Rimmer" had died on the pretense of it being the real Rimmer, and holding a funeral for him.

They ejected Ace's lightbee coffin and Starbug followed it on its planned course through a Wormhole. Ace had told Rimmer to follow it, as what would find would convince him to also become Ace.

It settled into orbit around a planet, where it joined the billions of other lightbee coffins that contained all other versions of Rimmer who had gone onto become Ace and save universes ultimately had their light bees go there. There were so many coffins they make up the rings of the planet. Lister asked Rimmer if he would be the one to break the chain. (RD: Stoke Me a Clipper)


Ace is confident, flamboyant, and in all ways a stereotypical action hero, not that this isn't justified. Learning to take responsibility for himself at a young age Ace worked hard to achieve what he has. He dresses in a gold reflective flight jacket and debonair white scarf, and wears his shoulder-length blonde hair in a permanent quiff. He enjoys life, flying around the Galaxy and various dimensions fighting any evil he finds. He lives for adventure. Also unlike his counterpart he has people skills and is friendly and liked by all those around him, but does not feel the need to show of his superiority. At the end of the novel 'Backwards' Ace deliberately lets a younger boy beat him in a race so that he would feel better about himself.


Ace is masterful at hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and just about anything else he turns his hand to. He is also able to parachute while riding a crocodile, after taking out a plane full of Nazis in Stoke Me a Clipper. When Ace hands over the job to the real Rimmer, however, the new Ace lacks all of these skills.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Adventure, women, Dislikes: Being held back, Arnold Rimmer, Pessimists


  • Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
  • Princess Bonjela, [I'm] Ace Rimmer. There'll be time for explanations later—and, hopefully, some sex.
  • What a guy! (Actually never uttered by Ace himself, but always uttered by someone he meets at least once per episode.)

Other VersionsEdit

When an Emohawk attacked Rimmer, it changed him to resemble and act like Ace. This resulted in him: almost sacrificing his, and the Cat's, life for Lister and Kryten by planning to open an airlock sucking the emohawk, himself and Cat into space. Prevented from doing so by the escape of Lister and Kryten, he leads the hunt for the emohawk, before leaping onto a grenade to save the whole crew's lives. He was changed back to normal 24 hours later, at his request to not become "him" again. It has been theorised that this Ace is potentially what would happen if Rimmer were as noble and brave as Ace without his planning ability or experience. As in comparison to the real Ace, Rimmer's plan though brave is also suicidal and would kill an innocent (an act that the real Ace shows no sign of being capable of).  

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The character of Ace was created as Chris Barrie disliked always acting as despicable characters.
  • According to the DVD commentaries, the original Ace Rimmer wig, which according to Barrie was very comfortable, was stolen and every subsequent Ace Rimmer appearance was done using an inferior wig.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hologram Version of Ace Rimmer lacks an "H" on his head. It is possible that this was done to look like the original Ace, as he was reprogrammed with a light bee remote.

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